Persian Poetics Presents:

Saʿdī’s Būstān (Orchard)

Very much I have traveled in many a clime;

And with many a person have utilized time.

I regretted, from all of those būstāns so fair,

To my friends empty-handed again to re-pair.

I said to myself that from Egypt they bear

Sugar-candy to friends, as an offering rare.

If none of that candy I brought in my hand,

Words sweeter than candy are mine to command.

-Saʿdī, on the Reason for Composing the Būstān (the Orchard)

Considered one of the greatest books of all time, Saʿdī Shīrāzī’s ‘Būstān’ (Orchard) is a compilation of worldly wisdom and Saʿdī’s life experiences. Completed in 1257, the work is four thousand couplets of poetry divided into ten chapters. Over teen weeks, we will read and break down this text chapter by chapter, elucidating the most meaningful anecdotes.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Class 1 - Class Introduction

  2. Class 2 - On Justice, Management of Affairs, and Judgment

  3. Class 3 - On Beneficence

  4. Class 4 - On Love, Intoxication, and Passion

  5. Class 5 - On Humility

  6. Class 6 - On Acceptance of God’s Will

  7. Class 7 - On Contentment

  8. Class 8 - On Edification

  9. Class 9 - On Gratitude for Being in Good Estate

  10. Class 10 - On Repentance and Taking the Right Course, On Close Communion With God

  11. BONUS: Class 11 - Funny and Inappropriate Poetry

Saʿdī in a Garden

The first page of the Būstān

Class Information:

Platform: Zoom (classes are recorded, live attendance not required).

Prerequisites: None.

Instructor: Muhammad Ali Mojaradi, @sharghzadeh.

Time: 12 Noon NYC time, 5 PM London time.

Duration: 60-80 Minutes.

Dates: August 13th - October 22nd

Days: English class - Saturday, Persian class - Sunday.

Students can attend only the English class or both classes:

The Saturday class consists of a short lecture, reading the Būstān in English, and discussing the text.

In the Sunday class, students read the Būstān in Persian to improve reading comprehension.

If you would like to learn Persian so you can join our future Persian classes, you can do that here.

Cost: 149 USD.

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To worship’s naught but service and good deeds,

it’s not about cloaks and prayer rugs and beads.

-Saʿdī, the Būstān, Chapter One