Persian Poetics Presents:

Masnavi-i Maʿnavi - Book 1

Join us as we study study this classic text!

This is the book of the Masnavi, and it is the roots of the roots of religion in respect of revealing the secrets of attainment and of certainty, and it is the greatest knowledge of God, and it is the most radiant way of God and the clearest proof of God.”

-Rumi, the Masnavi, Introduction

Called ‘The Qur'ān in Persian’ by Sufis, the Masnavi is Rumi’s magnum opus. It is among the most important works in the Muslim world, once read from the Balkans to the Bengal.

The six-volume book is a collection of stories, anecdotes, and explanations intended to guide the spiritual seeker along the path.

Join us as we read selections of the first book along with commentaries to illuminate the deeper meanings of the text.

Don’t miss this chance!

Course Syllabus:

  1. Class 1 - Class Introduction.

  2. Class 2 - Perception.

  3. Class 3 - The Song of the Reed.

  4. Class 4 - The King and the Slave Girl.

  5. Class 5 - The King and the Slave Girl Continued.

  6. Class 6 - The Nafs.

  7. Class 7 - Fate.

  8. Class 8 - The Guide.

  9. Class 9 - Fīhī mā Fīhī.

  10. Class 10 - Imam Ali and the Infidel

O brother, if you follow external forms,

you won’t smell spirituality’s scent until judgment day.

If you want an immortal soul,

read Rumi’s Masnavī-i Maʿnavī.

-Qāsim-i Anwār (14th century)

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