We Can’t Do This Alone -

We’re on a mission - but we need your help to make it a reality.

We live in a time where Islam is both loved and hated in the West. In the same country that has banned Muslims, Rumi - who would be banned if he were alive today - is a best-selling poet. But which Rumi? Translations of Islamic poetry often hardly resemble the original text - the Islamic is erased, the format changed, and many other liberties are taken with the text - all to make it more palatable to the secular, Western reader.

The popular translations’ of Persian poetry are often simply paraphrases of archaic Victorian-era translations at best - and outright fabrications at worst. Though Persian poetry is written in rhyme and meter, English language translations very rarely replicate the original form and settle for prose or free-verse. Poems are cobbled together, lines are added and removed from poems - many changes are made at liberty, and the resulting confusing mess can hardly be called a translation.

Why should we allow the misrepresentation, misuse, and outright fabrication to continue?

Instead of expecting others to do justice, we must step up and take responsibility for our literature. That’s why I founded Persian Poetics - to accurately translate Persian poetry, reclaim our spiritual heritage and bridge the gap between the original texts and English readers.

Finding a poem, writing it in calligraphy, translating it, making the translation rhyme, and checking commentaries is a lengthy process. A short poem often takes an hour to translate and prepare for posting.

How much time I can dedicate to this project depends on your help. If just a handful of fans chip in, I can afford to reduce some of my working hours and focus more on poetry translation.

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