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Persian Poetry - An Introduction: How did Persian poetry start? What are the different historical periods, styles, and schools of thought represented in the canon? How did Persian poetry change over the centuries? Was Omar Khayyām an atheist or misunderstood skeptic? Was Hafez really drinking Shiraz, or was it all a metaphor?

All of these questions and more will be addressed in this ten-session program covering a dozen poets spanning a millennium of Persian poetry. Students will be familiarized with the poets, their historical context, and the general trajectory of the Persian canon while learning to correctly read and understand the poems.

Each class will begin with a short exposition of the poet and their context, followed by students taking turns reading the poems one couplet at a time. The primary purpose of this course is to improve the reading and comprehension of students, so participation is very highly encouraged.

Platform: Zoom.

Poets Covered: Rūdakī (d. 940), Abū Sa‘īd Abū'l-Khayr (d. 1049), Omar Khayyām (d. 1131), ‘Attār (d. 1221), Rūmī (d. 1278), ‘Irāqī (d. 1289), Sa‘dī (d. 1291), Hāfez (d. 1390), Feyz-e Kāshānī (d. 1679), Hātef-e Esfahānī (d. 1783), Forūghī Bastāmī (d. 1857) and more.

Time and Day: To be announced.

Cost: Single class - $25 USD each.

Ten-class bundle (the whole course) - $97 USD (discounts for Patreon supporters are listed in the form below).

Pre-requisites: A high-beginner or intermediary level of Persian fluency. Heritage speakers of the language who can read the script qualify.

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