Gulistān-e Sa‘dī - An Introduction:

Note: This class is online and will be recorded.

Sa‘dī’s ‘Flower Garden’ is perhaps the most influential work of Persian prose. Written circa 1258 CE, the book is a collection of pleasant anecdotes, just like a garden is a collection of flowers.

It helped earn Sa‘dī the nickname ‘afṣaḥ al-mutikallimūn’ (The Most Eloquent of Speakers). The Gulistān was considered so eloquent that it set the standard for Persian education from the Balkans to the Bengal. For centuries students of all backgrounds learned Persian with this work, which help cement its place in the tradition.

Though Persian education has slowly faded into obscurity, this work remains present in the Muslim mind. Many of Sa‘dī’s proverbs - both in Persian and in translation - are knowingly or unknowingly quoted by Muslims of all educational backgrounds. Studying this valuable work will provide students an insight into the Turco-Indo-Persianate tradition that Sa‘dī’s work was once a centerpiece of.

Our last class was only available to Persian readers, but this time we’re offering it in both English and Persian. The content is the same, the only difference is the text: The Persian students will read the original, while the English students will read my translations. Students who wish to both learn the content and work on their Persian can attend both classes.

This is the first time such a class is available to students from all backgrounds and levels of familiarity, so be sure to sign up!

Platform: Zoom.

Time: 12 Noon NYC time, 5 PM London time.

Duration: 60-80 Minutes.

Days: English Class - Saturday, Persian Class - Sunday.

Students can plan to attend both classes: The Saturday class will familiarize them with the stories and the Sunday class will improve their Persian. If you would like to learn Persian so you can join our future Persian classes, you can do that here.

Dates: The schedule is below.

Cost: $97 USD (discounts for Patreon supporters are listed in the form below).

Pre-requisites: None :)

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