Want to learn Persian poetry? To read Rumi, Hafiz, and more, at your own pace, in university-quality courses?

Are you a new learner or heritage speaker wishing to brush up on your Persian?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Persian Poetics is right for you! Our courses are taught by Ustad Muhammad Ali Mojaradi, known as Sharghzadeh (شرق‌زده ‘struck by the east,’ antonym of gharbzadeh), a translator and teacher of Persian poetry.

He founded this project in 2018, and has been translating, teaching, and lecturing on Persian poetry since then!

Check out what our graduates had to say about their experience:

Student Testimonials

“Muhammad Ali is a natural teacher! He has a deep passion for Persian poetry, and it shows through all his efforts. The classes are well structured, organised and I especially enjoy his efforts in explaining the context of the poems that he teaches, it makes the poems much more meaningful and memorable. It’s been insightful learning about the poets behind the poetry as well.”

Nilufar, UK

“The classes are engaging and informative - and often entertaining! I’m glad I had a chance to read the literature both in the original Persian and the most famous English language interpretations of these works. I recommend these courses for anyone who would like to dive deeper into these works - not only as isolated, archaic lines of poetry - but as a nuanced explanation of a broader worldview and philosophy.”

Sara, USA

“I studied Persian on my own for a few years, and had a decent grasp of the grammar. But I struggled with understanding poetry - which is what I really wanted to be reading - both because of cultural and historical information I needed, and a general lack of experience. In lessons with Muhammad, I read through many stories and poems from Saʿdi’s Gulistān, improving my knowledge of the literature and also getting more confident in my ability to work through lines of verse at a faster pace. I’d recommend him to anybody seeking to improve their Persian reading and to learn more about this amazing body of literature.”

Matt, USA

“Teaching Persian is more than a job for @sharghzadeh. He's very invested in the subject which makes him give you more than what you have formally agreed on.”

Muhammad Sami, Egypt

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