The Masnavi Circle

Ḥalqa-yi Masnawī

“This is the book of the Masnavi, and it is the roots of the roots of religion in respect of revealing the secrets of attainment and of certainty, and it is the greatest knowledge of God, and it is the most radiant way of God and the clearest proof of God.”

-Rumi, the Masnavi, Introduction

The Masnavi is a six-volume book is a collection of stories, anecdotes, and explanations intended to guide the spiritual seeker along the path. Join us as we read the work line-by-line, once a week via Zoom. This class is ongoing.

What You'll Learn

  1. Book 1, Class 1 - Introduction

  2. Book 1, Class 2 - Nay-Nama Reading

  3. Book 1, Class 3 - Nay-Nama Exegesis Part 1

  4. Book 1, Class 4 - Nay Nama Reading Part 2

  5. Book 1, Class 5 - Nay Nama Exegesis Part 2

  6. Book 1, Class 6 - King and the Slave Girl, Part 1

At a Glance

  • 73 lessons
  • 67.5 hours of video content

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