Would you like to read a text we have not covered? Do you want to generally improve your Persian?

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“I studied Persian both formally and informally for two years when I joined Muhammad’s classes. I was looking to break out of learning “Where is the local library?”, “When is your birthday?” and get to grips with some truly great literature. With his poetry classes Muhammad certainly provided that in spades. He is an extremely attentive and well-read teacher, open to hearing how his students are hearing each poem for themselves and able to provide a tremendous wealth of context to every text. I could not recommend him highly enough. If you already have the absolute basics in the language he will encourage you as far along the path of reading, translating, understanding and reciting the classics of Persian literature as you are willing to go.””

Edward, UK

“I studied Persian on my own for a few years, and had a decent grasp of the grammar. But I struggled with understanding poetry - which is what I really wanted to be reading - both because of cultural and historical information I needed, and a general lack of experience. In lessons with Muhammad, I read through many stories and poems from Saʿdi’s Gulistān, improving my knowledge of the literature and also getting more confident in my ability to work through lines of verse at a faster pace. I’d recommend him to anybody seeking to improve their Persian reading and to learn more about this amazing body of literature.”

Matt, USA

“My classes with Muhammad are the highlight of my week. His interest and passion in Persian poetry is evident and contagious. His knowledge of the lexicon and its etymologies, the poetry and its references greatly enhance my understanding of the texts. Strongly recommended for anyone who is interested in accessing these texts directly, without the interference of the often orientalist translations still prevalent in the West.”

Nicholas, Brazil

“I started studying Persian poetry through private classes with Muhammad Ali a year ago. I could speak basic Persian and knew the script from studying Arabic, but couldn’t really read Persian at all, let alone poetry. A year later, I can read texts like Rumi’s Masnavi by myself - I just need to look up some more obscure words. What’s remarkable is that I’ve made this progress without feeling like I’ve studied a language. The sessions are a mixture of literature, theology, and philosophy and have given me a sense of the poetic and spiritual meanings behind texts alongside the vocab and grammar. The sessions and the poetry we have studied has had a profound impact on me and I couldn’t recommend the courses and individual classes more highly.”

James, UK